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As a mother of four, Mother’s Day is a special and precious day that reminds me just how privileged I am to be a woman.


My children are the core of me and all that is good and blessed in my life. As a designer they are the inspiration that comes to life in every piece of jewelry I have ever designed, even before they were born …..

That is I guess just something you realize after becoming a mother.

Something that just us, mothers, can possibly understand.

The unconditional love that was always within us, deep in our hearts and that only got to flourish when we held our child with that magical bond for the first time.


Mother’s Day for me is a day to thank god for this amazing blessing and experience of being a mother.

And to thank my own children for Being Mine and for making my world so much more meaningful, full of love, depth dedication and excitement.


When I am asked to design jewelry for Mother’s Day, I always find myself drawing ribbons ….

Thinking of the 4 blessings, my 4 beautiful precious gifts of all, my 4 children.

One day, when they are old enough, they will read this post and maybe, just maybe, they will begin to understand the depth of my love for them, and see themselves in every spark of every diamond in every jewelry I had ever created.


Wishing all of you mothers and mothers to be out there, a happy and special Mother’s Day.


Roni namdar ,
Founder and Head designer ,
Roni N. Jewellery