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So Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and although none of us ladies really need a special day to celebrate love and romance, Valentine’s Day become a pretty great reason for celebration and anticipation to an extra special attention from our special men, after all, we all deserve it, don’t we ?:-)


We will be more than happy with wine, red roses and chocolates, but really, let’s face it, we all do expect a bit more than that …:-). In short, Valentine’s Day is the perfect day for jewelry Lovers and even more so for those of you out there that are waiting for him to pop up the question and to receive your own little luxury that you had in mind and dreamed of for a while that can be the perfect love gift for a very special Valentine’s Day ;-)


So many husbands to be came to me over the years to look for the perfect diamond and engagement ring for their girlfriends. And this may be the perfect place for me to share with you ladies, that your men are doing some very intense research just before actually getting the ring, they master the terms of diamond qualities and very technical specifications and that is Great! And very impressive:-) …

HOWEVER , if you are expecting to be asked the Big question on Valentine’s Day, here are some hints for you to consider sharing gently with your one and only few weeks before :-) .


For example, I find that men most of the times have no clue of your ring size …… Resizing is always an option. BUT, wouldn’t it be great to get your new Dreamy Diamond Ring and be able to wear it right away :-)??…. Maybe keeping a ring of yours at a place where he can find, and maybe take with him to a jewelry store for a ring size indication might work out as a good idea ….:-). In my website www.beminejewellery.com, there’s a form to download that helps (and makes life so much easier) choosing a ring size online, and once again, a ring of yours that he can easily find will help a lot ….


Another thing that will help your man to get you the Perfect Engagement ring is to actually tell him about it !!…. No pressure :-). Just simple things like what you like and don’t like in Diamond engagement rings…. Some of us love them being set with diamonds halfway on ring shank, some of us love the center diamond to be surrounded by tiny diamonds as well and others might like the ring to enhance only the main Diamond in the center and to have the ring simple and plain. These are all personal preferences that would be wonderful for your man to be aware of, as you need to feel comfortable and happy wearing your new ring all the time :-)


I even came across cases where wonderful loving boyfriends with the best intentions :-)to go back home with a ring, did not even know the Color of the Gold their love would prefer …..and between yellow, white and rose gold, they got Completely Lost :-), So Please ladies , help them out :-).


I wish you all a wonderful day full of Love and romance…. And if he does pop the question on Valentine’s Day, I hope your new ring will be as perfect as you always imagined….


I invite you to browse for YOUR PERFECT ENGAGEMENT RING and LOVE GIFTS :-)



Roni namdar ,
Founder and Head designer ,
Roni N. Jewellery