How to choose your perfect diamond

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How to choose your perfect diamond

How to choose your perfect diamond!

Cut, Colour, Carat and Clarity, in selection of this famous 4C’s, it really comes down to your passion, special connection to a diamond’s shape and brilliance, special occasion you wish to buy your next diamond for, your own personal taste and character, and your budget.

When choosing a diamond, it is important to take into account its origin just to make sure it is not a blood diamond. With an international gemmologist laboratory certificate such as GIA or IGI, you can rest assured that your new diamond is not from a conflict zone and is not a blood diamond.

And now, back to your own preferences in choosing a perfect diamond, few insights from my personal experience…

For example, for engagement ring, the preference is usually a classic, traditional round brilliant diamond. And for anniversary, birthday or any other special event, you might choose other shapes of diamonds, set in jewellery, or even go for a natural colour diamond like fancy yellow, pink or even blue.

Tall women with long fingers will suit longer shaped diamonds like oval, marquise or emerald; And for “shorter” fingers, I would recommend to go for round brilliant, heart or cushion shape.

When considering the carat weight, it is important to personalize it to your hand, a 3 carats diamond looks huge on tiny delicate fingers, but will be “lost” on chubbier fingers… It is important to try rings on with different diamond carat weights as well as to choose the diamond that feels natural and easy to wear.

Diamonds are forever and you should wear your perfect diamond with joy and comfort.

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Roni namdar ,
Founder and Head designer ,
Roni N. Jewellery