How to wear your Diamond Studs

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How to wear your Diamond Studs

Earrings, are without a doubt my favourite jewellery item to design, I see great importance in how a woman choose to wear them. Different pairs of earrings can dramatically change the looks of a woman’s appearance. “Earrings effect” is to immediately draw an attention to the face, they highlight the face and give the tone to the overall look a woman chooses for herself…

For example, diamond studs are the basic and ultimate pair of earrings a woman should have, they are classic, and will suit you wonderfully in every outfit you choose to wear, they will look elegant and classic with a cocktail dress or an evening gown in every colour! And they will shine bright and look as stunning with just a jeans and a T-shirt. In all cases, your studs will create a “clean” look to your face.

Will love it if you could send me some pictures of YOU wearing your Studs :-))

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Roni namdar ,
Founder and Head designer ,
Roni N. Jewellery