My Big Day

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My Big Day

How amazing, looking back at my own photos from my BIG DAY, and all the emotions of an ultimate happiness, great big love, excitement and hope for a promising beautiful future, are all raising once again.

And I am so fortunate to be able to remember and feel it all so clearly, as this emotions are leading my inspirations, time after time when creating a new engagement ring.

Knowing, that this ring that I designed, will be forever part of the most amazing day in someone’s life, first part of a new chapter and a profound memory that holds the same hope, joy, excitement and promise I had for a new future of an everlasting love and lifetime of happiness….

Wishing the best of love :-) to all of my beautiful birds….forever and ever….

Roni namdar ,
Founder and Head designer ,
Roni N. Jewellery